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The InHouseCFO Small Business Financial Review Checklist

To truly "know your numbers" every small business owner should be able to answer these 4 questions:
  1. small business financial foundationIs my business properly capitalized?
  2. What are my key performance indicators (KPIs)?
    1. Do I have systems in place to track them?
    2. How have they been trending lately?
  3. Is my business as profitable as it could be?
    1. If not, where should I be focusing and why?
  4. Is my business properly set up to address its risks?
A thorough understanding of your current financial situation is critical to any small business owner's ability to realize on your dreams, and to grow your income. Our checklist outlines all the pieces that must be "checked off" in order to do so.

Download our checklist and learn the pieces of your financial situation that you really need to know.