You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and in your own endeavors have been quite successful. How do you compound the results of this success? By investing wisely of course...Easier said than done. We can help.

A. First, an in-depth profiling of your personal needs, capacities, and wants should be assessed. InHouseCFO has developed the most in-depth tool available in the market today – the CFO+ PROFILER - to evaluate these 3 dimensions for you in a custom way, so that solutions can be tailored to your specific profile;

B. Next, an investment strategy must be developed. Using the results from the CFO+ PROFILER, we will help build an investment strategy with you that will identify the types of investments that would be appropriate; then

C. We assist in execution of the strategy in many ways:

  1. We can work with your advisor to implement, or we can recommend among our list of best-in-class strategic partners, those best suited to work with you;
  2. As an added bonus, using our reputation, we are constantly being exposed to, and looking at opportunities that supplement and add to those provided by our strategic partners. If these are of interest, and your investment profile suits such investments, we'd be pleased to introduce these to you; or
  3. We can do a combination of both as appropriate;

D. Lastly, we continuously monitor on your behalf the results of the executed plan to ensure the anticipated results actually come to fruition. InHouseCFO will deliver investment results for you that will stand up to any of those that up to now were only available to the ultra-rich.