The Best CRM Software for Canadian Small Business

As experts in online CRM software for small businesses in Canada, we are continuously reviewing those available. Our current list of preferred choices is listed below.


This week, Salesforce has announced a significant price reduction (see those details HERE) in the version that is best suited for small business. The Professional version, previously priced at US$125 per user is now available at US$65 per user, making it very affordable to almost all small business. In addition, at the same time it has rolled out a new mobile version, known as Salesforce1, which we put into use and test mode immediately, and give it a solid 9 out of 10.

These two new announcements, combined with its aleardy best-in-class features and abilty to generate ROI makes it now without a doubt the best system for small businesses in Canada, and anywhere else for that matter to be using in managing customer acquisition, retention and revenue optimization.

Now, more than 10 logoars ago, Customer  Management Systems ("CMS'") were what they said they were - management systems. Then, by adding the word relationship to this acronym, they became CRM's, taking a big step forward in recognizing the value of a customer. Since then, they've evolved to a point where today, CRM's now need to and can be in every Canadian small business person's toolkit. They serve as the spinal column for the business to which all the other parts attach or feed into or from. Choosing and using effectively the right system changes the interactions the business has with its prospects and its customers.

The oldest member of this growing community of solutions is, and still, in our opinion the hands down leader, even for the smallest of businesses.

The key differentiator is its reporting capabilities, both "out of the box", or, better yet, customized. Another is customizability. The more a tool like this imbeds itself into the DNA of a business, the higher its value, due to user acceptance and impact on the business. We've never seen where this system hasn't paid for itself multi-fold very early in its life-cycle within a business.

In recent months we've been exposed to, and now have worked with in a real-time application that we are now prepared to recommend for consideration:

CRM software for small businessWork[etc] is a comprehensive, but very cost-effective solution than provides CRM, Projects, Time sheets, Billing, and Help Desk all in one integrated setting. Easy to customize, with comprehensive reporting capabiities, this solution is finally one which we think matches the features that Salesforce offers, however with a much more small business focus.

We're have been working closely with the folks at Work[etc], and are now very comfortable in recommending this as an effective tool to maximize ROI for almost any type and size of small business in Canada.

There is also one widely used and highly rated systema that we've now worked with extensively for online and e-commerce oriented businesses.

Infusionsoft combines both marketing andInfusionsoft CRM for small business sales into one solution. It as well links up with our other key tools, so fits nicely into a suite of solutions for the smaller of the SMB business category. As with Insightly, we're looking at this solution in detail, focusing again on reporting and customizability, while noting its price-point.