Investing is more than "picking stocks", buying mutual funds, or, for that matter, even just dealing in the publicly traded stock markets.Small Business Investments

A. First and foremost your goals and tolerance levels need to be identified:

We think that this is so important we commissioned the smartest people we know to build us a proprietary tool (the CFO+ Investment Profiler) which, properly interpreted gives you and your advisors invaluable information from which to plan and execute an investment strategy that fits you like a glove. With the CFO + Investment Profiler, we'll help you get started, or to to start making your current portfolio deliver what it's meant to.

B. Once that's done, executing encompasses active use and effective management of:

Public Markets

  • Manager Selection and Monitoring
  • Hedge funds
  • Cost minimization

Private Markets

  • Manager Selection and Monitoring
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors
  • Venture Capital

Real Estate

  • Manager Selection and Monitoring
  • Personal Use Property
  • Investment only Property

Capital Preservation

  • Derivatives
  • Other Structures

You don't have the time or expertise to deal with this effectively, but armed with the information from the CFO+ Investment Profiler, we can work with your advisors, or maybe better yet, introduce you to those who we've come to know are the best of the best in this complex specialized area.