What you get when you hire small business finance specialists

Although many CFOs are CA's (Chartered Accountants), not all CAs are CFOs. With InHouseCFO, you get the best of both, we are CA CFOs AND we specialize in Canadian small business.

Our focus is putting our experience and expertise to work in any way we can to make sure:

  1. Your financial house is in order;
  2. You have your numbers straight:
    • This means ALL your numbers, from all small business KPIsparts of your business, not only financial:
  3. You have the right systems to track your numbers; and
  4. You are interpreting those numbers accurately:
    • With our 30+ years experience in small business, we can assist you in making and executing key decisions, resulting in better results, faster.


These cost-effective services consistently deliver greater results faster for our clients.

For starters, we can reduce your overall costs of accounting, including year-end, by more than 50%, help you save on your taxes, then turn to where the real value is, unleashing opportunities hidden within your business' numbers.

You can contract our services on a project by project basis (Special Projects), or as part of your team, engaged as your CFO (CFO Services), responsible for all of the above, doing so on a cost-effective part-time basis.

As your business grows and matures, we can continue to add value by adding to our core services by ensuring that all your risk management, investment, and longer term personal planning needs are attended to.

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