The Best Marketing Software for Canadian Small Business

As experts in marketing software for small businesses in Canada, we are continuously reviewing those available. Our current list of preferred choices is listed below.

Now that the online world has officially and firmly taken its position as the de-facto place that (almost) all purchase decisions are based from, marketing software has become a necessary tool in any business' toolkit. As can be expected, a number of choices have entered the ring, each saying that they are the best choice. Again, using our criteria for full-functionality, and reporting, for the small to mid-sized business owner, the hands-on leader is HubSpot.

HubSpot is relatively new on the scene, but has quickly become one of, if not the, most necessary software tools for the Canadian small business toolkit. Its all-in-one nature pretty much delivers everything any business owner could dream of in:HubSpot Logo

  • Website hosting and content management;
  • Very intuitive interface, and business user friendly;
  • HubSpot virtually hands control of SEO and PPC over to the business owner where it should be;
  • SEO consultants (at least the ones we've dealt with) unfortunately just aren't close enough to the business to be as effective as they need to be;
  • Getting found;
  • Social media management;
  • Customized leads management ; and most importantly;
  • Results reporting.

Their training and support is best-in class, even the uninitiated small business person turned digital marketer has a fighting chance with HubSpot.

Another potential for consideration is Bislr, oops we mean Autopilot...

Autopilot (formerly Bslr) small business crm

The second best (because of price mainly, but then support) is Autopilot (formerly Bislr). As a direct competitor to HubSpot they are in tough. HubSpot's support and training, both at the outset and ongoing is, in our experience, unmatched anywhere on the web regardless of solution being offered. That said, competition is always good, and Autopilot "ain't no slouch".