You have a successful business, you have surplus cash flow, you have a net worth that needs attention. Because of any of these, you need experience, expertise and solutions to help you maintain and grow your financial scorecard.

InhouseCFO has a wealth of experience in establishing the right plan, ensuring its execution and attaining the desired results.We will work with you and, adding our significant business acumen to those of your other advisors to:

  • Finalize our mandate with you
  • Gather data;
  • Identify needs and wants;
  • Assess your tolerance for risk, complexity, and all other factors;
  • Set goals, and expectations;
  • Identify appropriate Structures to maximize results:
    • Estate Planning
    • Intergenerational Transfers
    • Community & Charitable Giving
    • Tax
    • Asset Protection
    • Business Governance
  • Set out Strategy, and Execution Plan